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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Burning Permit?

  •    Please visit the DNR website for
       complete general burning information &
       current burning restrictions in Minnesota:

Where can I obtain a Burning Permit?

  • T & M Express 116 Bunyan Trails Dr. (Nevis)
  • Any DNR Forestry Office
  • Online at the Minnesota DNR website:

What are the 2017 Fishing Season Dates?

  • Please visit the MN DNR website to view the 2017 fishing season dates:


Can I buy my Minnesota fishing license online?

Where can I find information about recycling and disposing of waste such as paint, used oil, reusable items etc. in Hubbard County?


Where do I register to vote?

      You may register to vote at the Hubbard County
      Auditor/Treasurer's Office at 301 Court Avenue
      in Park Rapids, MN.

     Here is a link to download the MN Voter  
     Registration Application:

     The form should be completed and returned to the
     Hubbard County Auditor/Treasurer's Office.

How can I obtain information about the Nevis
     school system?

  • Please visit the Nevis Public Schools website:


What do I need to know about bicycle safety
     rules in Minnesota?

  • Please visit the Share the Road websiteto see the Rules of the Road and upcoming bicycling events: