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Building Permits

Permits shall be required for the following permitted activities:  building construction, alteration or demolition, signs, sewage treatment systems, and grading or filling in shore-land areas.

Applications may be picked up in the Nevis Administration Office.  Applications are to be filled out and must be accompanied by a sketch and a legal description. 

Permits for the construction or placement of signs must be obtained from the Zoning Administrator before such construction or placement shall be allowed.

Please contact the Nevis Administration Office for a building permit schedule fee.


Building Permits

 You can pick up an application at the Nevis Administration Office.

 Every application must be accompanied by a sketch indicating:

   * Dimensions of lot.
   * Location & dimensions of all existing proposed structures.
   * All structural setback distances from lot lines & right-of-ways.
   * Location of sewer and water supply lines.
   * Proposed additions are to be dated & shown in dotted lines.
   * Any other information deemed necessary for local government to make a decision.